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Lygia Fazio is not a standard woman. Besides being the woman you see in the photos, Lygia Fazio surprises most of us with her professional choices. At 27, she is also a journalist and an actress. In her resumé is the work as a magician’s assistant; and she has almost 800 thousand followers on Facebook. Phew! Lygia’s life is far from being boring. Another proof that the blonde likes spicing things up is the exclusive photo shoot she has done to Bella Club, for which she photographed by the sea, in a car, on a skateboard and with a surfing board.

Date and place of birth: July 31st, 1985, in Sao Paulo (Brazil).

Lives in: a city called Taboao da Serra (Sao Paulo State, Brazil).


  • Height: 5.7 ft.
  • Hips: 38.5 in.
  • Waist: 25.5 in.
  • Bust: 37 in.
  • Show: 8.5 (US)

Questions & Answers:

How was the start of your modelling career like? I started when I was in college, doing a few things here and there, and it worked. The modelling jobs I do nowadays are what keep me going – financially, I mean.

You are a journalist, a model and an actress. Can you handle it all? I have done that all, but I am currently focused on my modelling career only. The opportunities in Journalism and on TV were very few. No matter what I do, I am going after my dreams.

If you could change anything in the world, what would it be? To be honest, I would change the characteristics of human beings. I am tired of egocentric, greedy people. More love and less hate.

What do you do when no one is watching? I enjoy meditating, energizing… I love having moments to my own.

What do you do to keep in shape? I like weight lifting. In the past I used to practice boxing, I had some friends and we would all do it together. But I do not have enough time nowadays, so I had to pick something which was easier to keep up with.

What is something you hate? Envy! If there is something I really hate is that. I cannot even think about it.

Do you take the first step when it comes to men? I am a shy, sweet girl on the inside and I always hope men will come to me – not the other way around.

What are your professional goals for now? Being recognized as an important TV presenter.


Check out Lygia Fazio’s Video.



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