Kaylee Renee Hoffman

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Every month I search for a model to feature here at GNG. They always seem to be models that have already been in print somewhere. This month I really wanted to find a model that was new and fresh. In my search, I stumbled across Kaylee Renee Hoffman.

Kaylee recently moved from the little town of North Bend, Oregon back to her hometown of Bakersfield, CA. She grew up with a mom, step-mom and aunt as a photographer. She’s been involved in photo-shoots since she was 17 (she’s 24 now), and says that she’s very comfortable in front of the camera.

After looking through her photos, I think she really has potential as a model, and would like to see more from her. It seems that many models get discovered from their Instagram accounts. If you like her photos, visit her Instagram account and follow her. Make sure you share this page with your friends. Maybe they can help grow her number of followers.

If you would like to work with her in a photoshoot, you can find her profile on Model Mayhem.


Model Mayhem




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