Faith Marone

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You’ve likely seen this beautiful woman, but do you know who she is? You should.


  • Full Name: Faith Marone
  • Height: 5’2″
  • Age: 22
  • Date of Birth: May 3, 1995
  • Nationality: American (Italian and Austrian descent)
  • Profession: Fitness Model, Brand Ambassador, Entrepreneur 2010

Faith Marone is a fitness model, entrepreneur, and brand ambassador from Long Island, New York. She became involved in modeling in 2014, after years of persuasion from her family and friends.

Over time, Faith’s experience in modeling grew, and so did the number of opportunities she received from modeling companies. Eventually, Faith became so successful and recognized that she started her own online brand, and business – becoming an entrepreneur and social media influence.

Faith’s Modeling Background

Faith Monroe became involved in modeling after persuasion from her family and friends. Faith says, after years of deciding whether she should do it or not. In 2014, she decided to take the chance.

Faith didn’t have a set plan of what to do, or where to go, stating; “Nothing planned out I gave it a shot to what would come.” Also, Faith didn’t know much about modeling when she started, but she had a strong desire to succeed.

Gradually, over time, Faith was able to move her career forward, and become a sought-after model.

After a couple year of modeling, I traveled all around the United States working with and meeting amazing people! – Faith Marone

Working a Dream Job

However, Faith didn’t just stop at being a model. She went on to further her career by combining her profession with the internet media. She began posting pictures of her photo shoots, which saw her become popular on fitness forums and websites.

This, in turn, allowed Faith to build her online brand, and start a clothing line business. She opened up her own website where she started selling clothes, gadgets, and other fitness merchandise.

Please check out her products HERE.

Faith hasn’t slowed down ever since. She continues to live her dream lifestyle and positively influence people world-over.

I’ve worked hard to be where I am now with my modeling, it isn’t easy but never give up if you truly believe in something! I encourage everyone to follow what they love! – Faith Marone






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